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Employment Mediation

Sometimes Mediation can do more for you than Litigation, and it is certainly less expensive.
Alan Banov is an experienced Mediation Lawyer. He has practiced in employment law in Maryland and the District of Columbia, both in private sector and government service cases, for 40 years, and has been a mediator in all sorts of cases for over 30 years. At present he is mediating remotely through Zoom.

About My Mediating

Alan Banov, a member of the D.C. and Maryland Bars, is a very experienced mediator who can help you resolve your dispute yourself quickly, fairly and less expensively than through litigation.

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What is Mediation
Successful Mediation
Successful Mediation
Alan Banov
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Why Alan Banov?

Mr. Banov is an experienced mediator and litigator who can see both sides of a conflict and has proven to be helpful in assisting parties to settle their civil court and administrative cases without litigation ("out of court").

He has been mediating for the Montgomery County Office of Human Rights (MCOHR) since 1994, and he has served as a mediator for the Superior Court of the District of Columbia since 1998. All of the cases at MCOHR have been discrimination cases - with allegations of employment, public accommodations, or realty discrimination. Some have produced payments to the complainants; others have been resolved by non-monetary relief.


"A very impressive performance. Stayed with these parties persistently, patiently, sometimes doggedly, but with unswerving neutrality and a keep-the-momentum-going pace. Very brass tacks. Helped each side see and appreciate what the other side's shoes felt like."

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"Excellent. Kept a flexible and open-ended group of options in play, without narrowing possibilities unnecessarily. Superb reality-testing with both sides, even when challenged."

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